The global investment community is aware of the abundant opportunity and unmatched long-term growth prospects across Africa, but are discouraged by high entry costs and long lead time for making investments on the continent. Despite tremendous macro-economic growth, newcomers frequently find that profitability is hard to attain, often taking years to get into the black. At Iftin Financial, we match our client’s needs with our local knowledge to provide a suite of market entry services designed to

      1. ·Bring clarity to a challenging process.
      2. · Accelerate time-frames and cut start up times.
      3. · Avoid costly pitfalls and errors.
      4. · Immediately position a new entrant for long term sustainable growth.

Iftin Financial provides consulting, advisory and research services in three main areas: governmental, operational, and financial. No matter what clients need to know, from local libour laws to where staff should live, Iftin Financial  has the answers. In an increasingly digital world, global businesses are accustomed to easy access to information. However, this often isn’t the case in Somaliland – local knowledge is essential for a successful business venture. Through our suite of market facilitation offerings, we cut costs and shorten start-up timelines, ease headaches and guide companies through the local investment process. Iftin Financial tailors its offerings to clients’ needs to ensure their projects are successful. For investors that wish to tap into both the Somaliland and Ethiopian market via acquisition or equity investment, Iftin Financial offers deal sourcing, due diligence, and negotiation advisory throughout the process. Iftin Financial local knowledge enables investors to rest assured they will find the best.