When companies enter East Africa, they are faced with a mountain of work to become operational. More often than not, many of these tasks are one-time, start-up-related jobs. that fall outside the company’s core competencies. Outsourcing them to Iftin Financial ensures investors have fewer items to juggle and more time to focus on what they know best.

The Key Group supplies new business development solutions. Successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of new business development. We offer multiple strategies. and techniques to them to expand their market share, create new partnerships, and generate ideas to ensure a competitive edge.

New business developments are both complicated and fascinating. It deserves clear understanding, innovative ideas, and concrete action plans. We are familiar with those complex trajectories. We know market complications and how to navigate and overcome them. We understand market competition and know how to identify the right customers, geography, demographics, lifestyles, and consumer mindset. We analyze markets, recognize chances, identify new opportunities, and create business networks in a fast changing society and technological environment.

We will develop new ideas and approaches and tailor winning strategies for each individual client. We will create room for negotiation and special treatment for successful deals.

Any successful new business development effort relies on a foundation of strong relationships. We are pioneers in the art of building and managing business relationships. We formulate business relationships based on trust, respect, mutual interest, and appreciation of each other’s values.