iFtin Financail supports public institutions to realize their mandate, and enable governments to cultivate, build, and nurture strategic relationships and alliances essential for the support of and service to constituents. We assist in concept formulation, bargaining, negotiation, and consensus-building. We are proud to provide ideas, methodologies, and applications that work. Engaging us will help you and your government to overcome technical and strategic problems. In developing and managing governmental projects can be exasperating and hectic while harmonious relations among all levels of governments are vital for state’s stability and the welfare of its citizens and residents. The Key Group offers a wide array of consultant services in international affairs. Our services extend to sovereign states, multinational corporations, international organizations, governments, and non-governmental organizations. With great knowledge and experience, we provide sustained and systematic strategies for better solutions. Furthermore, we theorize, design, conceptualize, analyze, formulate and implement foreign policies. Our area of expertise includes: state sovereignty, order, power (hard power and soft power), security, diplomacy, cooperation, inter-dependency, etc. In addition, we are expert in other central issues that include: economic development, market, trade, ecological sustainability, human rights, humanitarian intervention, and international law. Our clients deserve sound advice and the best outcome; therefore, we deploy a strategy that fits our client’s project and make sure that it will bring the best anticipated result.